Cosplay Contest

Please only enter if you made the costume yourself. If you commissioned from a friend or are modeling for someone that’s ok, just be sure to mention it so we may give them proper credit. If we find out your costume was store bought you may be disqualified; we want to be fair to those who work hard on their costumes.

General Rules:

  • 50 walk-on slots are available
  • Participants may enter as groups, but may only enter in one slot. You must either enter as solo or a group, not both.
  • You may have a max of 6 people in a group
  • Slots are first come first serve. You may register online, if there are leftover slots you may register on site at the con
  • You must check in saturday morning at least an hour before the cosplay contest, otherwise you may not enter.


  • Casuals: This category allows some street clothes in your costume, however the majority of your costume must be made yourself
  • Masters: For those who have done cosplay for a long time, or professionally. You may not have any street clothes in your costume if you enter this category.
  • Kids: for ages 12 and under

*If we feel you entered the wrong category, you will not be penalized but we will move you to the correct category.


  • More information coming soon

How to enter:

Fill out the contact form below with your name and cosplay information. When you enter be sure to mention who you or your group will be cosplaying as. If you enter at the door, a reference image is not required, but it would be extremely helpful in judging.If you have any questions or are going to drop out please let us know ahead of time by emailing us @


Time and location will be announced soon
Contest will be held on Saturday afternoon.