New Guests

We have some great guest announcements for this years Vincon that we are very excited about.

First up, we will have live music playing at the venue, preformed by northern Colorado’s own Zero Day Exploits. Their music and more information about them can be found here.

Next we have Eric Wile, who has worked in the video game industry for many years, and has worked on such projects as Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, and more. By age 8, Eric was rated as one of the top 25 players in Atari games, and later made a name for himself in the competitive fighting game scene. You can challenge Eric to a round of Mortal Kombat or just ask him questions about the industry. Check out the industry guests page for more information about his work!

Finally we also have Preston Stone, A local artist who has worked with companies like Upper Deck and even worked on projects for Star Wars and Game Of Thrones. More information about him can be found on the artists page.

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